Website questionnaire form. Please fill the information as much as you can.
Please fill the information as much as you can. If you are not sure about any thing feel free to leave them empty. I will contact you and get more information when required.
Personal Information (For Contact Purposes and Hosting and Domain Registrations)

Website Information
Pleas Note down colours which you would like to use for the website. Please check the colour codes HERE and note down the HEX code below box.
Please select a font style you would like to use from HERE and note down the font name in below boxes.
Revisions & Other Amendments
If any of your initial requirements has not been followed, we will make revisions as soon as possible. However, the time required for revisions depends on the nature of the work involved.
If we have followed your instructions exactly, and you are still not happy with the layout, colour, placement of information, contents or other elements of the website, we will make up to three revisions per page.
However, once we have completed three revisions per page at your request, if you require any further amendments to the work, then we will have to charge for these. In this case, we will evaluate the time required for the extra work and tell you the estimated cost for this (unless extra or unlimited revisions have already been agreed at the outset).
Designs & Layout
We will do a website design similar to the one you selected from our templates. These templates are used on the websites we designed in the past, and we will use them in the future. Just in case if you need a custom/bespoke design that is copyrighted to you, please get in touch with us first and discuss with us. Then we can discuss with you the design you would like to have and then initially provide you with a mockup design. Once the mockup is approved, we will start the website developments. This mockup design service charges £200 per page, and it will take five days to complete a mockup design per page. .
Free Hosting
Our package comes with basic free hosting that enables you to launch your website without incurring a hefty cost for hosting services. However, as your customer base expands, the basic hosting package resources may become inadequate to cater to the higher traffic. If this occurs, we may need to scale up the hosting package. If such an action becomes necessary, we will consult with you on the traffic level and recommend the best available solution. Please note that there may be additional charges based on the required package. Nevertheless, we will provide you with all the available options, including pricing, before proceeding with the upgrade.
Extra Features & Requirements
If you decide to add additional pages/ options/products to the website other than those initially agreed, then we have to re-evaluate the project time frame and cost. If possible, we will make the additions at no extra charge. However, if we do need to charge for them, we will let you know the estimated cost. If you are happy with our quotation, we will go ahead.
Lead Time Frame
Delivery will be made within the agreed time frame if the required information is provided to us on time and no additional requirements are specified while the project is ongoing. However, if additional revisions are requested or tasks are added while the project is ongoing, the delivery time frame will be extended. We will inform you of any change to the time frame.