Our Raffle Website

Our raffle websites come with great features which you will never get from other development companies. Our raffle, competition website design system is bespoke and unique.

Skill Based Question

It is one of the main feature required by law. Our competition system has the skill-based question with these features.

Ticket Numbers

Ticket numbers are a must-have feature in the raffle competition websites. Our competition website design featured with ticket number option. You will have these features with our ticket numbers option.

Lucky Dip

Raffle and competition websites should be equipped with this feature. Some players like to buy tickets quickly. So they can select ticket quantity and use the lucky dip button to choose ticket numbers automatically. Then they can checkout.

Pick Winners Manually

You may like to run the raffle draw with an online random number picker or maybe you would like to do with a ball machine. Or you may have other plans. This feature is for you. When you turn on manual winner picker option, the system will not automatically pick a winner. You can select a winner with your choice of method and live cast it with your players.

Export Players Data

After a competition end, you will need players data to run the raffle draw on the online number picker. If you are trying to pick all the players data manually, it will take days or weeks. We have taken care of it. With our system, you can export all the players’ data to spreadsheet in one click.

Extend The End Date

Sometimes your competition may not reach the expected minimum ticket sales. In that case, you can extend the competition while keeping the current players. It is most important to keep the current players while you extend the competition. So you do not need to refund them and ask them to participate again.

Automate Instant Win Function

The instant Win function is a crucial marketing feature you should have on your raffle website. While you offer the big prize on the main draw, you can offer small prizes such as site credits, gift cards etc., as the Instant Win prizes. If your customer gets the ticket number you defined as an instant winning number, they will get the mini prize you are offering.

Login with Phone Number

Login with a phone number feature is optional for your customers. If they do not want to use a password to log in to the website, they can enter their phone number and receive an SMS notification with a verification (OTP) code. Once they enter the code, they can log in to the website without entering their password.

Relist the Raffle

After the competition ends, would you like to re-run the same competition again? This option is for you. You can simply click the relist button and add the new start date and end dates and relist the competition. It will be a brand new competition. All the previous players and winners have been reset.

Countdown Timer

This is a popular feature among the raffle competition websites. We implemented the countdown timer under the competition page as well as we can display it on the home page and all competition page.

Sold Ticket Counter

This is the other compulsory feature by law. Our sold ticket counter comes with an automating progress bar. It will fill as per the tickets you sold. The next compulsory feature is how many winners you are going to select. In our system, you can have that on the competition page.

Login & Register

Your plyers and register on your website and maintain their account. They will have a facility to view their previous orders and ticket numbers. Also, users will have the facility to update/change their email, phone number address via their account dashboard.

Unique Design For Pages

Your competitions should display on the home page. Also, they should display in the all competitions page. Again they will come in the single competition page as related or recommended competitions. It should be attractive and user-centred. We have several design styles for this section. Please contact us for more examples.

Editable Winner Section

Many companies do not offer winner management section. We have taken care of it. You do not need to go to pages and edit each element. We will give you a portal where you can upload winner photo, name, name of the raffle and link of the live draw. Once published it will come to the website winners section automatically.

Credit Wallet

Offer site credits to your customers, run site credit competitions/raffles, let users buy site credit and use the credit towards ticket purchases and minimise the payment transaction fee.

Mobile Apps (Android, Apple)

Our very simple android and apple (ios) apps will be next-level marketing tools for your raffle/competition website. We will integrate the push notification function on the apps, and you can use the notification feature with your promotions. That will help you to drive more ticket sales. Also, you will have the facility to run App exclusive competitions to get more users on the app.

Instant Win Mod New

Use the instant win module to attract more customers to your website. This module will be ideal for your website if you are selling random ticket numbers to your customers. If the customer purchased the ticket that you defined as an instant winning ticket, they would automatically receive the site credit to their account.