Frequently Asked Questions

Are you planning to start a raffle competition business? You may have many questions. Raffle website is the main component of the raffle competition business. Let's discuss a few things about the raffle competition websites.

It’s worth to go though this article and find out more information about the raffle/competition website requirements. 

Please kindly refer our Features page. We have all the information on that page. If you still have a question feel free to contact us.

Our Package comes with one-year free domain, hosting and SSL. We get it for you after the initial deposit. However, if you already have a web domain, hosting and SSL we can work on that. If you own a domain but still need a hosting and SSL we will provide those.

After the full payment completed we will hand you over the website. You will have 100% ownership of the website.

You can add unlimited competitions/raffles to the website.

Yes. You will have user friendly backend system where you can add new competitions and amend existing competition

Yes, website will have user-friendly backend system. You can edit any pages and contents. 

Payment gateway for raffle website. This is a serious question in the raffle/competition website industry. Not all the payment gateway providers facilitate payment gateways to competition/raffle websites. There are a limited number of payment gateway providers who accept raffle/competition websites. Please contact us for more information about payment gateway providers.

Yes, our raffle system compatible with the wallet system where players can add the money to their account as credits and then use those credits to buy tickets.

Yes, we have a dedicated page which we can embed the Facebook page live feed. So your players can come to the website and watch the live feed or they can directly visit your Facebook page and watch the live draw.

Yes, we have user-friendly winner management system where you can add winners photos, winning ticket numbers, competition name and raffle draw video link.

Raffle/competition website with all the featured displayed will cost £1000. We will provide you with several design concepts and, you can choose one. We will build your website similar to the design you selected. But we will completely rebrand it as per your logos and colour schemes.

If you have a different design idea, different design layout feels free to send us your design plan or example. So we can get back to you with more information. Some bespoke designs may need extra work and we will quote you accordingly.

We charge 25% of the total cost as a deposit payment. It will be £250 if you are planning to go with our £1000 package.

No. there will be no hidden charges rather than the agreed price. If you use our domain, hosting and SSL service, there will be annual charge after the 1st year. Apart from that, there will be no hidden charges. 

Yes, we build bespoke raffle/competition websites. Feel free to contact us and send us your requirements. We will get back to you with our proposal.

Of course, we do. After the website completion, we will take care of website security and updates up to 1 year. After that, you can subscribe to our maintenance package which starts from £25 per month. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, we can provide competition and winner management service for an additional charge. Adding a single competition and then add the winner information on each competition we will charge £5 for each competition. For more information please contact us.

Yes, we can. First, we should check your website and then we can let you know whether we can manage it or not. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, we do redesign service. Feel free to send us a message to discuss more.

The simple answer is yes. We do. The big answer is if you are looking for come on the 1st page or 1st place in google search results. Then our SEO service is not for you. Because in reality, that’s not possible in 1 month. We do not want to promise something impossible. We can do the SEO and SMM. But we are not promising to take you on 1st page and 1st place on the google search results. Please contact us for more information.